Soft Landing Package

The Soft Landing Package includes:

  • Pre-Departure Services: Flight booking and information about baggage policy, transit visa information, carrying funds to Canada, customs declaration of goods and jewelry, assistance with finding a temporary accommodation
  • Airport pickup on arrival in Canada. Drop off to airport while departing from Canada
  • Welcome Lunch/Dinner on the day of arrival
  • SIN, Bank Accounts and Credit Cards: Current offers from all banks, types of accounts and how to open an account, the best offers on credit cards and how to get one
  • Public Transportation: Local transit, how to travel and transit passes
  • Driving License: Types of driving licenses, how to get driving license
  • Health Insurance: Travel insurance, provincial insurance information and application process
  • PR Card Delivery: Assistance with PR Card Delivery
  • PR Card Photo Re-Submission: Submission of photos for the PR Card in case of a photo request
  • Special Pricing on Other Services: You will be entitled for a special pricing for life, on all the other services offered by SettlementBuddy

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