Our Settlement Services

Pre-Designed Packages:
Standard Package – For people with permanent settlement plans in Canada on initial landing.
Soft Landing Package – For people who travel to Canada temporarily (soft landing).
List of Services We Offer:
Pre Departure Services

Help with flight booking, airline baggage allowance, transit visa requirements, packing list, customs declaration forms for goods and jewellery, carrying funds to Canada, preparing for the weather and other pre-departure requirements.

Airport Pickup Service

To welcome you on your first arrival in Canada, our team will be there to warmly receive you at the airport. In case of a soft-landing, we also provide an option to drop you at the airport on your departure from Canada. We have big SUVs in our fleet so no need to worry about the space for your luggage.

Welcome Lunch/Dinner

We will provide lunch or dinner on the day of your arrival with your preferred choice of cuisine. It is quite difficult to find desirable food in any new country after a long travel. Hence, to avoid any inconveniences for you, we will deliver the food of your choice at your doorstep.

SIN, Bank Accounts & Credit Cards

We will be helping you with getting the Social Insurance Number (SIN), opening a Bank Account and getting a Credit Card. You will be advised on the available offers on bank accounts and credit cards in order for you to get the best deals.

Cellphone & Internet Connections

Comprehensive help with obtaining the cell phone and internet connections. You will be provided a plethora of special unadvertised deals, offered by all major cellular companies, to choose from. We will then help you decide the most suitable internet connection based upon your requirements and preferences.

House/Apartment/Condo Rentals

Assistance with apartment/house/condo rentals once you arrive in Canada. We will provide valuable information on the neighborhood and surrounding areas of the properties you shortlist and offer deals on renter’s insurance. Our experienced realtors will help you find the right place to call your new home.

Job Search & Resume

Assistance in job search for full-time and part-time jobs including referrals. We also critique resumes as well as provide access to our exclusive job portal and recruiter network. You will also be counseled about the local job market, available bridging programs, licensing requirements for certain professions and other employment related services.

Health Insurance

Information about the provincial healthcare benefits offered to the new residents, the application process, finding and registering with a family physician. Assistance with the best health insurance program, by professional insurance advisors, for the initial wait-in period before the provincial insurance coverage begins.

Driving License & Car Insurance

Information about the type of driving licenses, getting a driver’s license or exchanging one from your home country and claiming credits for driving history. We can provide you with driving lessons and driving tests through authorized driving instructors. You will also be advised about car insurance and offered the best available deals on it.

Public Transportation

Who does not love travelling without inconveniences? To ensure that for you, we provide guidance on how to use the local transit system and what transit passes to use on each system, general information about the available modes of transportation to travel between various Canadian cities and ways to find cheaper tickets.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping made easier for you as we help you discover major grocery stores in your vicinity and ways to find the best deals while shopping including loyalty programs. We also offer support in initial visits to stores such as Costco, which require memberships.

GST/HST Refund & Child Care Benefits

Assistance regarding the GST/HST Refund and with the application process for the refund of the year in which you settle in Canada. We also provide details about the Child Care Benefits offered by the Government and assist you in the application process to claim these benefits.

School Admissions

We provide comprehensive information about the procedure and requirements for the admission of kids into schools. Assistance with the school’s admission process and the required documents for enrollment is also provided. This is to ensure that your child is attending a school that nurtures their growth and cultivates their intellect.  

Furniture Shopping, Assembly & Moving

Insights about furniture shopping in Canada. If required, our accompaniment to the store locations and help with the furniture’s delivery to your home. We can also aid you in furniture assembly and if you plan to move, we provide moving services as well.

Business Registration & Accounting

Help with Federal or Provincial Incorporation, Financial Statements, Book Keeping, Payroll T5; T4; T4 A; T5018 etc., HST Returns and any other Accounting related needs. All the services provided by professionals who are experienced CPAs in Canada.

Income Tax Returns Filing

Filing of annual income tax and returns by experienced professionals who are practicing CPAs in Canada. This includes personal income tax returns for you and your family as well as tax returns for your businesses such as sole proprietorship or incorporation.

PR Card Photo Re-Submission

Submission of new photos for the PR card in case of a photo request by IRCC. The photos will be printed, by our expert photographer, as per the exact specifications for the PR card.

PR Card Delivery

Assistance with the delivery of the PR card after your first landing in Canada. In case of a move from the address provided for delivery of the PR card, help with updating the address in order to receive the cards.

Sightseeing Tours

Guided and self-guided tours to local and nearby attractions. Option to avail an affordable all inclusive car service (for up to 6 people) with professional drivers for a day trip to nearby attractions.

Other Services

If there is any other settlement-related service that you require of us which is not listed on the website, please feel at ease to contact us. Our experienced and dedicated team will try its best to help you out.

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