Our Services

SettlementBuddy offers a variety of services which can be selected to create a customized package for each customer as per their requirements.
In addition to the customized packages, we offer two predesigned packages:
Standard Package – For people with permanent settlement plans in Canada on initial landing.
Soft Landing Package – For people who travel to Canada temporarily (soft landing).
List of Services We Offer:
Pre Departure Services

Help with flight booking, airline baggage allowance, transit visa requirements, packing list, customs declaration forms for goods and jewellery, carrying funds to Canada, preparing for the weather and other pre-departure requirements.

Airport Pickup

Complimentary pick up service at the airport when you first arrive in Canada.

Welcome Lunch/Dinner

Welcome lunch or dinner on the day of your arrival with your preferred choice of cuisine. The food will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

SIN, Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Help with getting Social Insurance Number (SIN), opening a Bank Account and getting a Credit Card. You will be advised on the best offers on bank accounts and credit cards.

Cellphone and Internet Connections

Help with getting the cellphone and internet connection. You will be provided with special unadvertised deals offered by all major cellular companies. Once you find a place to settle down, we will help you with the deals on internet connection based upon your requirements and preferences.

House/Apartment/Condo Rentals

Assistance with apartment/house/condo rentals once you arrive in Canada. We will provide our feedback on the neighborhood and surrounding area of the properties you shortlist and offer deals on renter’s insurance. Also, we can help you in getting touch with reliable realtors.

Health Insurance

Information about the provincial healthcare benefits offered to residents and the application process. Assistance with the best health insurance for the initial wait-in period before the provincial insurance begins.

Public Transportation

Information about the local transit system, how to travel with ease and the transit passes to be used on each system.

Job Search and Resume

Knowledge about local job market, resume structure, available bridging programs, licensing requirements for certain professions and other employment services.

Driving License and Car Insurance

Information about the type of driving licenses, getting a driver’s license or exchanging one from your home country. Assistance with learning to drive in Canada and driving tests through authorized driving instructors. Information on car insurance and best deals on it.

Grocery Shopping

Guidance with grocery shopping by providing information about major grocery stores around the area and ways to find the best deals while shopping including loyalty cards. We can also help with the grocery shopping and initial visits to stores such as Costco, which require memberships.

Child Care Benefits

Information about child care benefits and how to avail them.

Other Memberships

Membership of public library, gym, clubs, community centers etc.

Furniture Shopping, Assembling and Moving

We’ll provide insights about furniture shopping in Canada. If required, we will accompany you to the store locations and help you with the delivery of the furniture at your home. In case the furniture requires assembling, we’ll help with the assembly too. If you decide to move, you can use our moving service to move you furniture.

PR Card Photo Re-submission

In case of a photo request for the PR Card, we will help with sending the correct photos, as per the required specifications, to IRCC.

PR Card Delivery

If required, we will provide our delivery address where the PR Cards can be mailed by IRCC. The PR Cards will be stored safely and couriered to you as per the requirement within Canada or outside Canada.

Business Registration, Taxation and Accounting

We will help you with Federal or Provincial Incorporation, Corporation Tax Returns, Business Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Book Keeping, Payroll T5; T4; T4 A; T5018 etc., HST Returns and any other Accounting related needs. All these services will be provided by professionals who are practicing CPAs in Canada.

Income Tax Filing

Filing of your annual Income Tax and Returns by professionals who are practicing CPAs in Canada.

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