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People who immigrate to Canada can count on receiving many of the government benefits available to Canadian citizens, as well as experiencing the high quality of life that this country is famous for providing

How Canadian Immigration works?

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Provincial Nomination is a very effective and quicker alternative to Canadian Permanent Residency. The Government of Canada allows its provinces, through constitutional rights, to choose immigrants and respectively invite them to settle in Canada indefinitely. The Canadian provinces differ in their criteria to select these candidates and each have set principles according to their own needs. Under the PNPs, it does not matter if you have the minimum 67 points required for qualification in the Federal Skilled Category or whether you have the needed experience in the list of occupations on the Priority Occupation List under Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Family Sponsorship

Given the fact that you have either a spouse or a child who is a Canadian citizen, they can assist you in immigrating to Canada. Family sponsorship is the second most common way to ensure permanent immigration to Canada, considering your concerned family sponsor is financially stable enough to aid and assist you in Canada.

Visit Visa/Super Visa

Our company can help you obtain a temporary resident visa which is commonly referred to as the Visit Visa. This allows you to stay in Canada for more or less than 6 months as specified on the document known as the ‘visitor record’. We also provide information on how to get a Super Visa which allows you to visit your children/grandchildren for up to 2 years at a single time. However, Super Visas allow multiple entries for a period up to 10 years.

Work Permit

GCMSBuddy guides you about the circumstances in which you might require a work permit for Canada. We will assist you in the applications for the work permits of business people, caregivers (who are part of the Live-In Caregiver Program), students and workers going there temporarily. Our team can also help you with the work permit in case of an extension or a situational change in your job such as a job switch to another company.


We will explain to you the entire process required for becoming a Canadian citizen from the forms required to the fee structures and time taken for processing. Our team takes it upon themselves to simplify the complications and intricacies of acquiring the Canadian citizenship by making it a step-by-step process for you. We also prepare you for the interviews and tests by guiding you through the most helpful study material. Finally, we take you through important procedures such as the oath of citizenship and inform you of what is expected of you at the ceremony

Re-Application of a Refused Visitor or Study Visa

In the case of refusal of visa, we help our clients in the re-application process as well. We will apply for their GCMS Notes and get their complete application’s copies submitted to IRCC. After analysing their files, we will then apply for the visa again. This entire process will be handled by an experienced and licensed immigration consultant based in Canada.

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